Da Vinci’s Ristorante Mediteraneo

TEL +357 26961201 Da Vinci’s Family Restaurant and Bar has been owned by the same family for more than 20 years. We promise you quality local produce cooked to the highest standards. Friendly service and a full drinks menu with cocktails, local and international wines, ice-cold beers and soft drinks. We welcome you to come […]


Olivio Mediterranean Restaurant and Wine Bar

TEL +357 26423385 The village of Anarita is a short drive from the center of Pafos. By the main village church you will find OlivioMediterranean Restaurant and Wine Bar; top quality Italian food with a subtle Cypriot flavor. Since it’s opening in 2012 it has become one of the busiest place in the area. It […]



TEL +357 25 221 210 The Ampelohori Complex is ideally located on the eastern side of the valley overlooking the beautiful Pissouri Bay. Situated half way between Pafos and Limmasol and 3 km off the A6 highway, Ampelohori is the ideal holiday base. It is only a thirty minute drive to either Pafos or Limassol, […]

Kamares Taverna


TEL +357 25470719 TAVERNA The Tavern KAMARES is located in the picturesque village of Lofou. It is a traditional place, built of stone and decorated with antiques. Enjoy quality food with 18 varieties of appetizers, salads, main dishes with 13 exclusive, unique, our own recipes, and a wide variety of pastries. The food is always […]


Hideaway Restaurant

TEL +357 25222310 Hideaway Restaurant is tucked away down a flight of stone steps, situated just off the square in Pissouri Village, a peaceful spot at a wonderful location. Hideaway is a lovely Restaurant in a courtyard setting where you can order delicious traditional Cypriot food. Known for their friendly service, great prices and a wine list […]


Chris Watersports

CHRIS WATERSPORTS (EST.1982) is located in the middle of the beautiful blue flag Pissouri beach, featuring free parking and public shower and changing facilities. We are within easy reach of the numerous tavernas and bars of the Pissouri Bay area, and a short drive to the picturesque Pissouri Village perched high atop Cape Aspro massif. […]


Columbia Watersports

TEL +357 99 612262 COLUMBIA WATER SPORTS is based in Pissouri Bay, on the beach in front of the twin hotels – the Columbia Resort and Beach Hotel – a gem on the south coast of Cyprus miles away from the hustle and bustle of large tourist towns. Columbia Water Sports is entirely owned and […]

smoothie & sweetie

Smoothie & Sweetie

TEL +357 99792057 All Fresh & Homemade! JUICE & SMOOTHIE BAR green, detox, slimming… a wide variety on the menu COFFEE SHOP Espresso, Latte, Cappuccino, Milkshakes, Dairy Free Milkshakes, Aperitifs… Low fat Frozen Yogurt & Matcha Green Tea Frozen Yogurt HEALTHY SWEETS & CAKE SHOP Organic gluten-, sugar-, and dairy free Cakes, Ice Cream and Belgian […]



Tel:  +357 99 954 227 Whether a beginner or certified diver, Kembali Diving (PADI 5* Dive Resort) can offer a comprehensive range of exciting PADI Scuba diving courses & activities and is Pissouri’s No1 Diving provider. First and foremost, we have your safety in mind and we are ready to assist with all your diving […]

Cycle Cyprus

Bike Cyprus – Thomas Wegmuller

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TEL +357 96 530 761. Opened in 2009, we are Pissouri’s premier PADI 5* Dive Centre and have been members of Cyprus Dive Centre Association since 2010. We take pride in offering our divers a true family run and owned one-stop Dive Centre, where you are not just a number or another diver. Our courses […]

Bay Jewellery

New in Pissouri Bay: Bay Jewellery

Bay JewelleryUnique little jewellery shop specialising in bespoke silver designs and personalised pieces.

I am happy to take custom orders for personalised pieces of jewellery based on the photos you see here and on my Facebook page.

Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Saturday 9.00 – 15.00
Or by appointment call Gemma +357 97745383


International delivery is no problem at all.

I aim to dispatch within 1 – 3 business days depending on the details of the design.

Bay Jewellery 10I have over 15 years of experience in the silver jewellery industry and take great pride in producing high quality, strong pieces for you to keep for years to come.

The story behind the ‘Mussel Shell’ charm.
One hot sunny day over seven years ago I was walking along Lady’s Mile beach in Limassol and I came across a beautiful mussel shell. I used my silversmith skills and crafted it into something even more beautiful!
I made a mould of the actual shell and this was then used to make the casting for the unique charm that I am proud to say is my signature piece today!


  • AddressShop 7, Artemis Parade, Odos Ampelonon, Pissouri Bay, Cyprus
  • Phone00357 9774 5383
  • Emailgemstorey@icloud.com
  • Category Arts, crafts & souvenirs
  • Location Pissouri Bay
Palepaphos Experience 2

Palepaphos Experience

Join us on a 3 hour tour of the ancient capital of Paphos.

Palepaphos, now named Kouklia, has much to offer with a pretty village square, tavernas, shops and a church.

We begin your Palepaphos Experience with a coffee or soft drink at Gabriel’s Tavern, a popular venue by day or night. Your fully qualified guide will escort you to the air conditioned coach to make the short journey to the first site.

Driving a short distance out of Kouklia village to the coastal plain you will pass by fields of oranges, olives and lemons (season dependent) to the ruins of an ancient oil press. Your guide will explain the process used in the early 3rd century BC to obtain valuable olive oil.

A short drive inland will bring you to the ruins of a Lusignan sugar refinery which was in operation from the 14th century to the 16th century. Sugar cones were produced here using water power from springs arising in the Orietes forest. This refinery is one of the few in the Mediterranean and Near East which preserves the ruins of workshops and its basic processing elements of milling, boiling and refining, firing and storing.

The tour now heads further inland, taking you to the hills behind Kouklia and the picturesque chapel of St Constantinos and St Helen. The chapel has had a turbulent history, having been damaged both inside and out but is now resting peacefully in the fields.  A walk across those fields brings you to the Byzantine cave/hermitage of Palea Egkleistra with its 15th century frescoes.

Once back in the comfort of the bus there is a scenic drive back into Kouklia village and the Palepaphos Museum. The guide will show you the artefacts and history some of which dates as far back as 2,000BC.

A stroll through the village square from the museum brings you back to Gabriel’s Tavern where you will be welcomed and served a traditional Cypriot lunch.


Please wear sensible walking shoes as some of the ground has loose stones. We also advise that you bring water and wear sunscreen and a hat.

Please advise us of any dietary requirements at time of booking. Soft drinks are served with lunch but alcohol is available for purchase.


  • AddressKouklia, Cyprus
  • PhoneDeborah +357 97726818 / Gabriel +357 99633745
  • Email jmcyprus@gmail.com
  • Category Excursions
  • Location Nearby

Fiona’s Studio Summer Opening Hours

As from Monday 25th May the Studio will be changing to our Summer Opening Hours:

  • Monday-Wednesday 9.30 am till 2.30 pm / 5.30 pm till 8.30 pm
  • Thursday Closed
  • Friday & Saturday 9.30 am till 2.30 pm / 5.30 pm till 8.30 pm
  • Sunday by Request

Home Visits Available. Please call 99979613 for appointments.

Ampeli Restaurant

Happy hour & Sunday roast at Ampeli Restaurant

Every Friday Happy Hour from 6pm till 7pm: buy 1 drink and get 1 drink for FREE!

Every Sunday traditional ROAST!

Mayor Pissouri

Message from the Mayor

A warm welcome to all, residents and visitors alike. I would like to give a short message to highlight what is happening in Pissouri Village District from the standpoint of the Pissouri Community Council.

The E.U. is going through turbulent times, and this means that hard decisions have to be made, not always to the liking of everyone. Here at the village level we also have decisions that may or may not be popular, for us mostly driven by funding and safety issues. Funding is difficult, as Council revenues are depleted due to reduced applications for construction etc., a backbone funding source for most Councils. These are the times, and we must deal with what is in front of us and assign funds on a priority level.

We are blessed with a beautiful spot here in our wonderful island nation, Nature has provided us with an immeasurable wealth. It is up to us to make the best of that gift.

I believe in four corner-posts:

  • Transparency.  Transparency leads to honesty, and honesty to achievement and peace of mind. In all our Council dealings, the populace and visitors should be aware of details pertaining to the management of the Village District, and also of our future projects.
  • Collectivity.  Only together with a collective effort can we achieve what we want in the shortest possible time. Everyone, from all walks of life, has something to offer, whether procuring ideas for the collective benefit or making those ideas a reality.
  • Equality.  For us to succeed, we must all be on an equal footing. Nothing can be achieved unless the opportunities are available to all, regardless of nationality, belief, or connections.
  • Planning.  We cannot achieve what we want without the correct planning. As a Council, when we apply for funding, we must plan well and have all details covered prior to the application, such as licenses and plans. If we do not plan well, we will be sent away to acquire what is needed, allowing others to leapfrog us in on the funding ladder. This takes time, but we will be prepared!

We are working hard to improve the safety and beauty of the Village district, and to provide amenities in keeping with the vision that we have for a continually improved Village and Bay area, from a hiking trail connecting to Petra tou Romanou, to farm road repair, to parks and structural improvements.

I would like to thank you all for participating, and we wish us all a healthy, prosperous, and healthy future TOGETHER.

Lazaros Lazarou

Pissouri Council Chairman

European Bee-eaters (merops apiaster)

“Some birds were made for poems. Keats had his nightingale, Poe his raven. The European bee-eater’s life is more like an epic novel, sprawling across continents, teeming with familial intrigue, theft, danger, chicanery, and flamboyant beauty.”

– Bruce Barcott for National Geographic.

beaeaters2BEE-EATERS are a one of the more beautiful migratory birds visiting Cyprus, arriving in large numbers in the spring and autumn as they make the long journey between Central and Eastern Europe and Africa. Along the way they are subject to predation in the Mediterranean region mainly from Eleonora’s falcons, with some 30 % not surviving the round trip. Small numbers sometimes stay for extended periods (up to 3 months) in Cyprus, but this is not the norm.

beaeaters-300x191 beaeaters1-300x191Apart from their visual beauty, they are very talkative birds, and their beautiful, haunting chatter can be heard echoing in the valleys around Pissouri in the early mornings and evenings as they dart and wheel through the skies in an amazing acrobatic display. Their speed and agility are truly astounding as they feed on the insects stirred up from the farmlands in the Pissouri valley.

The European Bee-eater is a medium sized bird with a large head, long curved pointed beak, and large pointed wings reminiscent of a swallow. They have short legs and weak feet, and on the ground move with a slow, awkward gait. Plumage is quite spectacular, with a blue underbelly, chestnut head leading to a golden-brown back, a yellow and white throat, and with a black “bandit’s mask”. In the bright Cypriot sunshine the colours take on a lustre all of their own, the back looking like a golden cloak fit for the wealthiest of kings.

The gregarious bee-eaters gather in largish flocks, calling and swirling through the air as they feed. They will interestingly only feed on flying insects, and will not eat those prone on plants or on the ground. They will mostly feed where they can perch and then launch themselves after their prey. They snatch the insects out of the air with the tip of their strong beaks, crushing the smaller ones and devouring them on the wing. The larger insects they will hold until they perch again, when they will proceed to beat the insect on the perch to kill it and break it up. The poisonous insects they will also beat and wipe (with eyes closed) in a ritual to extract the poison before devouring it.

beaeaters4 beaeaters3Although it is illegal to kill these birds in Cyprus, they are sometimes killed by bee-keepers protecting their hives. Although they do consume bees (hence their name), large insects and those detrimental to bees (such as wasps) also contribute a significant amount to their diet. They are definitely wrongly cast as villains, but are in fact a part of nature’s balance. Without their contribution, predatory insects would have a devastating effect on the hive populations of bees. Interestingly, cases have also been reported of the bodies of bee-eaters shot near hives being attacked by the bees themselves, resulting in the deaths of many bees. Ongoing efforts to educate the population of Cyprus (as in other Mediterranean countries) as to the direct benefits of these birds, and also the financial benefits of bird-watching tourism, will hopefully have a significant impact on ensuring the longevity of this beautiful species.

The bee-eaters are truly a spectacular part of the migratory gift bestowed upon us here in Cyprus.

With many thanks to:

Tassos Shialis of Birdlife Cyprus ( www.birdlifecyprus.org ).

Spyros Skareas – photo

K.D. Panayiotis – photo


Xenios Watersports

Tel: 99956913 – 99616258 Open from March until December; 08:30 – 19:00 daily Everybody knows Xenios as the Neptunium of Pissouri Beach.  The first man with watersports in Pissouri since 1980. Xenios Watersports – a place where you leave all your thoughts behind you.  His love for the sea and his many years of experience providing […]


Of Life and Death…

Life3 Life2Two of the most prolific forms of wildlife in Pissouri are the sparrows and the less- favoured group, snakes.

The SPARROWS are a constant in populated areas in most parts of the world, and Pissouri is no exception. The sometimes much maligned sparrows are everywhere where there are people, and gather in large family groups. When studied closely they have very unique and beautiful colouring patterns. They are very group-orientated, and will care for the very young and infirm within the group. In the spring it is not uncommon to see a single male feeding several youngsters, obviously not all its own offspring.

The SNAKES are numerous, although only one variety can be venomous enough to be considered dangerous to humans, the viper. Most of the others are constrictors, with very mild venom if any at all, however any bite can become infected and should be treated immediately. Fortunately for humans, we are a little large to arouse the hunting interest of the snake population. Most snakes in the world will flee if confronted by a human, and will only show aggression if cornered. Snakes will live and hunt in populated areas, as they afford good hunting grounds for small birds and rodents attracted to the prospect of easy food. Snakes do provide a good population control for small rodents such as mice and sometimes rats, but also provide a food source for animals such as hedgehogs, foxes, and birds of prey.

Life1 Life

The accompanying photos show a Coin snake taking a sparrow on a rooftop in Pissouri bay. The snake hid beneath a roof tile at a favourite gathering spot for the local sparrow youngsters. Known for its speed and strength, the sparrow had no chance. The Coin snake is a constrictor with no venom. Interestingly, at the time of the strike, the surrounding sparrows made noise, but did not leave the side of their companion until his death, and then continued to harass the snake throughout the drama until it made its escape from the rooftop.