Let 2 Buy Cyprus


If you have ever thought about how to invest your savings and how nice it would be to own a holiday home, but have been put off by costs, why not to have both with buying a holiday home in Cyprus? Let 2 Buys Cyprus can help you!.

Let 2 Buy Cyprus specialise in helping local and international residents become homeowners and holiday homeowners through Let 2 Buy Finance Programme. This means there are no banks involved before you can move in!

If you don´t have the funds available, or cannot commit to a loan requiring a large deposit and high interest rates, that is ok! Let 2 Buy Cyprus offers great homes in all locations throughout Cyprus with interest free deposits payed over 24 or 36 months.

You are not renting the property and you have no Landlord, you are buying the property with every monthly payment without interest.

Advantages for Seller

  1. It is FREE
  2. Sellers get their asking price
  3. Sellers receive instant cash flow
  4. Process is FAST

Advantages for Buyer

  1. The buyer does NOT require a 20% deposit
  2. The 20% is INTEREST FREE and comes directly off the price of the housel
  3. Buyer can move in IMMEDIATELY