About us

The purpose of www.pissouri.com is the long-term promotion of the attractions and businesses of Pissouri for visitors and residents alike.

Masmega Ltd. is a Cyprus company, which owns more than 3000 domain names including many portal websites. The company works as a team of 6 persons coming from all walks of life in Cyprus, with the core based in their beloved Pissouri!
The Masmega team are all located in Cyprus for the long term, and are dedicated to helping identify the beauty, accessibility, and warmth of Cyprus to a wide range of consumers, whether local or off-shore. The team identified the need for an attractive and informative website for Pissouri, one that would have great accessibility and high interest levels.

Masmega Ltd. pursued and acquired the domain name and developed the website, and now owns and operates www.pissouri.com, a high-quality international and professional website.

We hope you enjoy your participation in this website and your stay in our little part of PARADISE!