Cyprus is a truly blessed place when it comes to all things wild. Although we do not have the excitement of the African Big Five, we do have an incredible diversity of species for an island. From a fauna population of small mammals, insects, reptiles, and birds, to flora of edible and non edible plants, there is a lot to be experienced on our island.

The largest species on the island is probably the moufflon, a wild mountain goat that can still be seen in its natural habitat in the mountains (although the nightclubs of Ayia Napa would probably dispute this!). However, the smaller animals such as the fox and hedgehog make fascinating subjects.

The bird life here is spectacular, enhanced by the fact that twice a year Cyprus becomes a haven for birds migrating between Europe and Africa. Ongoing conservation, awareness, and protection work is enhancing the survival of these tireless travelers as they pass through Cyprus.
GeneralWildlife5-300x209GeneralWildlife-250x300Over the next few months we will bring you some interesting content involving the local wildlife and plant life.

Pissouri is graced with a diversity of habitats, from the high, dry hills to the lush farming valley dividing Pissouri Village in the hills and Pissouri Bay at the end of the valley, which ensures us a vast array of plants and flowers.

Pissouri Bay beach is also a turtle nesting site, and watching the turtles as they begin their incredible journey is a truly awesome sight, one that will move even the staunchest heart!