Meze1mezze-300x225recipes2-300x200Cypriot food has its own charisma. It is designed around the foods found locally, either from the land or the sea, and with the intention of being shared. Flavours are as wholesome as they are varied, and in the typical Mediterranean manner, very healthy.

From creating flavours in the simple things like olives and capers, to the combining of ingredients and spices into stews, soups, and other dishes, Cypriot foods are a gourmand’s paradise!

A mix of local sultanas and almonds to nibble on while waiting for fresh grilled calamari with a squirt of fresh Cypriot lemon maybe, or home cured olives to precede an aromatic, rich platter of Kleftico with fresh salad?

The heady scents of rosemary and oregano, baked village bread, or wholesome fresh, red, ripe tomatoes are everywhere in the villages and tavernas, whether on the coast or in the mountains

In this section we will bring you stories, information on ingredients, and traditional Cypriot recipes to inspire you. We welcome any traditional recipes on our blog, and will do our best to incorporate them into this section. Check out the Recipes Posts!

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