D. Xantris Holiday Villas


  • Address: 26, Paphou street, 4607 Pissouri, Limassol
  • Phone: Mobile: (+357) 9968 3359
  • Website: www.pissouribayvillas.com
  • Category: Apartments & Villas
  • Location: Pissouri Village

Office: (+357) 2522 1010

Pissouri Private Luxury Villas Located on a small hilltop in the secluded Pissouri Bay valley, each of the four luxury villas offers both privacy and a fabulous view of both the sea and the surrounding farmlands.

Pissouri Village Maisonettes Sitting close to the top of the mountain and on the perimeter of the village each maisonette provides a wonderful view of Pissouri Bay. Pissouri Square, the heart of the village with it’s restaurants and pubs is only a short, two minute walk away.