Gano Excel Wellness Center


Marios Elia is a Certified Naturopathy Consultant who has dedicated his entire life exploring the secrets of health and longevity. Since he was a child he was spending his free time in the Local Hospital in Larnaca observing the nurses treating the emergencies. He had a deep desire to offer to everyone who was suffering. This desire motivated him to travel in Asia
exploring new methods of healing which improve people’s health and wellness.

His natural talent and love for sports motivated Marios to become a Karate teacher achieving the higher rank of 7 DAN WIKF black belt. He has been on the side of Cyprus National Karate Team WIKF for 15 years. His martial arts career has helped him to understand the relationship between body, mind and spirit, and how important it is to maintain the balance between them.

Later he developed his skills even more by studying physiotherapy at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London and the Neo-Hippocrates School of Natural Healthcare in Cyprus.

His mission is to help his patients by addressing the cause and not the symptoms. In order to get results he uses all available natural methods such as spinal decompression, Yumeiho therapy, Siatsu (acupressure points), strengthening exercises, etc., ensuring the activation and better functioning of the body.  He compliments his treatments by using herbs, which support patients to overcome diseases and injuries with a holistic approach and no side effects.

Today he maintains his Naturopathy Clinic in Paphos with many health restoration success stories. He also accepts invitations as a Keynote Speaker for health and wellness topics to countries across Europe, with great joy and pride. His dream is to help people to maintain their stamina, remain healthy and enjoy life to the fullest.