The secluded Paramali Beach lies directly to the south of Paramali Village, one of the old agricultural villages of the area. Magnificent, ancient olive and carob trees abound off the local roads, and the beach access roads meander through mixed citrus plantations which, in season, laden the air with their exotic blossom scents.


The beach is long and wide with a mix of sand and pebble, and with waters of moderate depth. There are no tavernas or cafes at the beach, which lends to its seclusion. A magnificent spot for introspection and relaxation and the quintessential Cypriot beach experience!


The beach is a busy turtle nesting beach, so visitors are asked to respect the nests, and to keep an adequate distance from them to give the youngsters a good chance to reach the water and return to our shores at a later date.

Article and photos by David Meaden-Kendrick.


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