MANDRY’S FUND is small dedicated group of volunteers, who care passionately about the feral cats of Cyprus. Our aim is simple – to provide a TNR (trap/neuter/release) service in order to prevent more homeless kittens from having to live on the streets.

MANDRY’S FUND will initially operate in the areas of Kouklia and Mandria (Paphos) and our plan is to support a trap/neuter/release project for the many cats living around the tavernas and restaurants of these villages. Our volunteers have already been involved with several similar projects and have many years of experience with cats and other animals. Our aim is not to change the lifestyle of these cats by removing them from their natural and familiar environments but simply to assist by preventing numbers from spiralling out of control and their resources becoming scarce. At present, there are local feeding groups and restaurant owners who are happy to feed some of these cats but understandably, for hygiene reasons, do not appreciate what can amount to dozens of new kittens being born each year.

In the coming months, we shall be launching various fundraising initiatives and ways in which you can help to support the veterinary costs involved with this project.

MANDRY’S FUND recently operated in Pissouri Village in association with a local taverna.

Mandry was a beautiful ginger girl, aged about 8mths old, who lived close to the fish and chip shop in Mandria (hence the name), where she was regularly fed. At the start of April 2013, Cynthia visited the restaurant, only to have an extremely heavily pregnant Mandry spend the evening alongside her. As she was obviously due to give birth any day, Cynthia took Mandry home to foster her until the babies had been born, which it turned out was just 72hrs later! Six of the seven babies survived but sadly, Mandry died a short time later of heart failure. Cynthia and Chris have cared for the babies since, who are now extremely fit and well (apart from receiving treatment for ringworm, which is fairly common in Cyprus ferals and responds well to medication). The little boy has already been offered a forever home, all six have now started their course of vaccinations and the five girls will be spayed in the near future, prior to being rehomed. The trap/neuter/release project was subsequently set up in Mandry’s name and in her memory. Rest peacefully little girl.

If you would like to get in touch, please telephone 264 32263, email to or you can send us a message via the Facebook page.

We now have our own Paypal account for anyone wishing to make donations towards the cost of our trap/neuter/release project.

Simply go to

Select “send money”

Enter as the recipient

Select “personal” and then either “gift” or “donation” (this step is not compulsory but ensures that we will not lose any part of the donation to Paypal fees)

Enter the amount and choose to pay either from your own Paypal account if you have one, or by credit/debit card if you prefer.

All donations will be acknowledged by email and ALL money received will be spent directly on neutering and veterinary costs.