Arka Olive Groves

Xantris Bros Olive Oil Mill ltd was founded in 1999 in Pissouri village of Limassol district, Cyprus. Since the start of its foundation the company has dealt with the production and trading of extra virgin olive oil which is one of the most valuable products in the Mediterranean diet.

Its exceptional quality is a result of the organic farming and the qualified processes followed for the extraction of oil from the olives. In order to ensure the excellence of the delivered products, the company holds its own olive groves in the Arka area of Pissouri, hence the name “ARKA Olive Groves”. Recognizing the benefits, the company was one of the firsts in Cyprus to adapt its principles around organic farming. Beginning from the very start, from planting to harvesting, olive trees are treated without the use of any chemical fertilisers and pesticides.

Once the olives are collected, they are transferred to the Xantris Bros Olive-Oil Mill for the oil extraction without delay, to ensure that the beneficial properties of the fruit are kept. Olives are treated by mechanical means solely according to the direction of International Olive Oil Council (IOOC). Detailed and controlled procedures on the many steps consisting the extraction of oil, guarantee that micro and macro-nutrients of the olives are preserved. The final product that leaves the mill is characterised by its superior quality, and is named as organic extra-virgin olive oil.

LACON Cyprus is the responsible authorised body to inspect and certify the organic farming in ARKA Olive Groves and the procedures in Xantris Bros Olive-Oil Mill.

Why Olive Oil?

– Protects from heart diseases
– Promotes digestion
– Contains high levels of antioxidants polyphenols
– Eases the symptoms of ulcers & gastritis
– Contains high levels of monounsaturated fat
– Balances the fatty acids and bad cholesterol.

Why Organic Olive Oil?

– No residues of chemical fertilisers and pesticides present
– Richer taste and color
– Environmentally friendly